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Afraid that your competitors will download your content and publish it as their own? Worried that those that steal your content will get more exposure and receive a higher page rank? If so, then it’s time to Copy Protech™ your writing, your Internet advertising, your business.


Copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things that you create: content, paintings, photographs, etc. Within this law, you have the right to reproduce the work, prepare derivatives, distribute copies, and display the work publically. As the World Wide Web becomes more globalized, moral rights, which are an essential component to the European copyright law, are increasingly significant. Moral rights allow you to claim authorship of the work, to object to any distortion, mutilation, or modification, and to object to any derogatory action that may damage the author’s honor and reputation.


As more people are able to access the Internet and post information for free, there is a growing compilation of content available not only to pilferage through, but to steal. Cut-and-paste plagiarism is widespread, and perhaps even more prevalent is content that has been taken and reworded, creating the impression that the words and thoughts are unique to the organization and individuals for or by which it is composed. Plagiarism is common online, and many believe there is just no way to avoid it; that the only thing to do is accept it as a result of marketing your company on the Web. 


But what if there was a way to safeguard online content through proven strategies and mechanisms that report any and all infringements? Copy Protech™ is your proactive solution for online plagiarism detection and prevention. This service features ways to check for online plagiarism, informs copyright holders of their rights online and encourages them to protect those rights in a responsible manner, and finds word-for-word copies on the Web.


Anyone with even a very basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) knows that content drives website traffic; excellent content generates leads. What most plagiarists fail to recognize is that Google tracks where content originates and places demerits on websites that present duplicate content. Additionally, websites left stagnant and open to plagiarism may see pages de-indexed one at a time, until there is very little left. Online plagiarisms is harmful to the websites of the originators, but also to those of the plagiarists who may think that they are improving their chances for high rankings, but are in fact, doing themselves a serious disadvantage. Protecting your original copy is crucial not only to the reputation of the company, but to the success of its Internet advertising.


Be persistent, be proactive, be protective… choose Copy Protech™.

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